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5 Ways to Fall in Love with Winter

Megan Lowry

2 min read

Most people dread when fall turns to winter. The days are dark & gloomy and it’s so cold your nose hairs freeze just from breathing. Okay, we get it…  many of you hate the winter. Let’s face it though, we spend 25% of our lives surviving the winter, so we’re better off finding ways to enjoy it than staying miserable.

Winter can actually be amazing if you dress warm and find activities to enjoy. Trust me, I have recently converted!

Snow Hikes or even better, Snowshoes

Snow-covered trees, frozen waterfalls, and animal tracks are all amazing things to see on a winter hike or snowshoe adventure. Our favourite winter waterfall is at Egan Chutes Provincial Park. It is a rushing waterfall surrounded by frozen trees and cliffs. It is also a relatively easy/fast hike, so it’s a great option if you are looking for a leisurely hike while sipping your favourite hot beverage. Silent Lake Provincial Park is also a great place to snowshoe with endless trails to explore. Keep your eyes open for moose sightings!

Rent a Snowmobile

Snowmobiling is a beautiful thing! Whether you own a snowmobile or rent one, snowmobiling allows you to explore mass areas in a single day, which you could never get to hiking. Pack a backpack and a thermos with your favourite soup and make a whole day out of it! There are thousands of kilometres of trails in the Haliburton & Bancroft area, some with rest stops to warm up and grab a bite to eat. You will be amazed at how much you can see! Check out Ride the Wilderness to book a snowmobile tour.

Have a Fire

Get your cosy on by the fire! Whether you’re bundling up to roast s’mores on an open campfire or curling up with a book by the indoor fireplace, a fire is a great way to fight the cold weather outside. 


Canada has an abundance of freshwater lakes, which means we have endless opportunities for skating & pond hockey! Ontario alone has more than 250,000 lakes!! Grab your skates and find a frozen lake. You won’t be disappointed!

Hot Tub

Have you ever soaked in a hot tub, sipping your favourite bubbly while the snow slowly falls and hits your face? If you answered no, book a getaway immediately! There is nothing better than the cold snow hitting your skin to cool you down in the hot tub. If you’ve had a few too many, you might find yourself running back & forth from making snow angels to the hot tub!

Are you ready to fall in love with winter? Rent a waterfront cottage to experience all winter has to offer in a single vacation! Check out our cottage Waterfront Cottage Co. in Bancroft, Ontario.

Megan Lowry

2 min read

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