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Luxury Cottage Rental Must Haves

Megan Lowry

2 min read

You work hard and deserve to spend your limited vacation time in pure luxurious bliss. Ontario has many luxury cottage rentals that don't require a long day of travel to reach paradise. The perfect cottage rental offers relaxation & adventure, the recipe for a memorable holiday. What should you look for with your next rustic luxury cottage rental in Ontario? We've got you covered!

Cozy Clean Interior

Nothing says luxury more than walking into a sparkling clean vacation rental. When you first arrive at your accommodation, you should see the pride of ownership throughout every space in the property. A super host puts cleanliness first, making sure their guests feel comfortable. Fresh white linens are the epitome of a luxury cottage rental in our opinion, making guests confident they are getting into a clean bed. An updated bathroom with upscale features is also critical in making guests feel like their at a five-star resort.

Minimalist Design

How can you clear your mind when you're surrounded by clutter? When booking your luxury cottage getaway, search for a cottage with a minimalist interior creating a space designed for relaxation. A talented super host will use minimal decor & furniture, without jeopardizing a cozy atmosphere and functionality.

Waterfront Living

Ahhh, breath in the fresh air! Renting a lakefront cottage is the ultimate luxury vacation in Ontario. Nothing kills a swim more than having seaweed stuck between your recently manicured toes, so look for a cottage with a weed-free entry. It will make all the difference!

High End Amenities

Rainfall shower, lakefront view, hot tub, string lights, and fine dining are amenities that can take your vacation to the next level. Imagine an afternoon spent on the lake followed by a patio dinner and then a hot tub soak under the stars. Top it off with a rainfall shower before snuggling up with a book in a cozy egg chair. It's the fine details & amenities that take your cottage vacation to luxury status.

Customer Service

Just like you would expect when staying at a hotel, cottage rentals should offer excellent customer service. From the time you first connect with your host to questions you have before & during your stay, your host sets the mood for your vacation and makes you feel welcome. Luxury cottage hosts may even go the extra mile by surprising you with a bottle of wine, charcuterie or other gesture that starts your vacation on a high note.

Complimentary welcome gift for renter

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Megan Lowry

2 min read

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